20+ years ago – God Forgot

On Halloween, 1998, I released my first (official) Mindspawn album…

It was an ambitious project by a green artist. Musically it seemed to be trying to cover every electronic genre of the time. The album was fairly frantic and poorly mixed and mastered, my first attempt at doing either of those critical tasks…. It truly sucked.

So why am I bringing up an album that I admittedly think is crap? Because at the time, it was my best work. It was a real expression of all the crazy shit that was going on in my world at the time.

I wasn’t entirely alone in my (original) excitement and appreciation of what I was trying to do:

Review from Decontrol Magazine Winter 98/99, p. 22

If there was a breakdancing battle scene in the deranged eighties sci-fi thriller “Escape from New York,” Mindspawn might have provided the ultimate soundtrack. Though this is far from a hip-hop album, God Forgot, Minspawn’s swirling psychedelic debut, is ripe with as much old-school breakbeat and cold-computer funk as it is modern day Electronica.

Fronted by Boston-based producer, musician, and visual artist D. E. Williams, Mindspawn seeks to captivate the intangible exodus of the mind. This artist is not only a studio manipulator, but also an accomplished musician which surely has given the music some of its dense compositional nature. While a few of these tracks such as the cavernous funk ditty “Hello Julie” crawl at a head-nod’s pace, most are frantically pensive and ripe with seemingly endless layers of sound. Constantly changing rhythms are the dominant motif. Songs like “Cannibals” and “Rush” switch up the count repeatedly in each.

Although this music is ripe with a dance derivative, it vehemently denies any of the current genres and sub-genres which dominate today’s record bins. Neither wholly Jungle nor Techno, Big Beat nor Trance, Mindspawn’s God Forgot is a testament to courageous electronic creation.

The last line is what you should take note of: “Mindspawn’s God Forgot is a testament to courageous electronic creation.

I think the poor reviewer from Decontrol was desperately trying to find a positive in all the chaos that was the God Forgot album, bless them for trying. Either way, this review fanned the fire even more….

While the execution of the God Forgot album makes me cringe today, that I took a chance and, “went for it,” makes me feel great and brings a smile to my face. Yeah it wasn’t pretty, but I didn’t know any better, and I’m kinda glad I didn’t.

No, I’m not gonna tell you where to find this album (with any luck all the copies of the record have disintegrated off this mortal coil), I’m sure you can find an audio snippet somewhere if you’re really looking for a good chuckle…. Seriously, it’s pretty crap.

But damn, that shit started something that 20 years on I’m still hungry to do, every single day. Because of taking that chance, jumping in way over my head, and just giving it my best shot, I got opportunities that led to more album releases, working with some truly talented people, running my own commercial recording studio, working on games, TV and film projects, as well as getting a co-compose and producing credit for a track that was nominated for an Emmy.

What a wonderful, weird, and winding road that I got to travel cos I took a shot…. more to come on this, stay tuned.

Rock on

Mindspawn - God Forgot Album Cover
Mindspawn – God Forgot Album Cover


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