Darkness Weaves

Darkness Weaves 

In realms beyond the Light, 
Past the blackest pit of Absolution, 
The Dark Ones gather in madness, 
And between Them, Darkness weaves. 

No shade of sin can be so many hued, 
As the Darkness of the Deep, 


Soundscapes. Beautiful pieces of ambient minimalism, guiding the listener to new places in the subconscious, creating the mental backdrop falling into place each passing second. You wander around in awe at the soundscape before you, trying to take it all…



Eye Of The Magister 

I had known of the demon for some time… although I never thought much about it one way or the other. It was one of those things you see from afar, like a mountain, not realizing…



The Wyrm descends…. 

The skies boil as their fires scorch the air. Rarely visible save to those who shall see no more, you can sometimes catch a glimpse from afar, a curved sinuous plume, or a long neck stretching into…



I looked at this and I saw so many things… I could feel the desolation, the abandonment of this place, these things. Yet, here I stood, caught by these shapes of decay, the scent of dust and musty decay heavy…




the geshetica 

The place is like an organic womb, warm, sheltered, dark, the walls dripping with substance that is like reading an ancient text, visible yet obscure. Initially there is almost no light, and even with…

Be Thee Mind's Pawn Or Be Thee Mind Spawn?

Years ago, in the early mid nineties, I wanted to create a persona for my solo musical project and I chose the name Mindspawn to be my moniker. It was an ambiguous name and that perfectly suited my sense of…

Belsen and the Beyond

Mindspawn will be performing at Thornburg’s exclusive art showing on Saturday December 14th.

This event will feature Thornburg’s visionary art with sound created and curated by Mindspawn.

If you’d like to attend this event in Vallejo, CA, please follow the…

The Confessor – House Banáin

Remarkable in its lack of features, rather dull matte rust-brown color, maybe one centimeter thick by four centimeters wide and maybe half again longer, the rectangular object really becomes interesting when one picks it up. Not only is it heavy…