Hive Nor

Hive Nor

The places I find inspiration for Mindspawn tracks are many and varied. Some of those places are conjectured places created within the mind and the mind’s circle of friends and co-conspirators. Hive Nor is one such place in time from which inspiration is summoned and drawn…..

A brief historical perspective

Pre Hive Era

As improbable as it may seem, there was a time when there were no Hives, a time when one could traverse the outside safely, at least that is the claim. There is even a small minority of scholars that hypothesize of pre civilized epochs without the great machines, when it is said the raw outside air could be breathed without risk. While it is also claimed that vast amounts of data exist concerning these epochs, most of such data is largely lost to all but Harlot Seers, and even they are loathe to commune with knowledge of such ancient, eldritch times.

Hive Nor can be traced in data streams that date to over 190,000 solar cycles.
The current cycle is 310M, calculated from the rise of the House of Misrecorde. Misrecorde’s bloodline is rooted in Voidborn Militants. While it is doubtful that the Pale has ever set foot in the hive, she has ruled the vast sprawling metropolis for the entirety of the past 310 solar cycles. The day to day affairs of managing the government of Hive Nor is conducted by trusted agents of House Misrecorde. The majority of the House Mirecorde live and die in Enclaves that orbit the Earth.

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