New look and updated site with more coming soon!

Greetings again, just a quick update about the new look on the site and an overview of what is coming on the horizon.

I did a brief revamp of the site layout AND hopefully made things a little more concise. This is in preparation of the upcoming Spawnings podcast coming later this year.

The new podcast is gonna cover music, new finds, though not necessarily new releases, techniques, and general conversation about music.

I’d love to interview a lot of the artists I’ve met over the years and this seems like a perfect platform for doing that. I’d also like to foster some technique discussions and just expose potential listeners to some of the stuff I love. This won’t be all dark ambient, in fact, I suspect dark ambient to represent only a small portion of what you might hear. I’m excited to see where this might go. Stay tuned for more info…

Additionally, in the coming months you’re going to be hearing a lot more of Mindspawn’s beat driven side.

I’ve forever been a fan of EDM, big beat, and hip hop/trip hop styles, and I want to experiment in those directions as an evolution of the Mindspawn artistic explorations. You have been warned…. =)

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