Testimonials from some of my very cool clients...

Amazed by how fast he got the job done. Responds very fast, and understands the artist. Most impressive! - Euterpe World Music

Completely satisfied with his services, all at a reasonable price. Although I am from another country, but he understood what I needed. Thank you again, now I know who to turn to in the future! Yours sincerely, John. m- John K.

Awesome communication throughout the process and everything was done in a timely manner. - Jet Alone

 "Mindspawn" is already my favorite engineer. He did so well that I don't even want to sell this beat. I'd rather use it for my own project. I recommend. - MT

From the first time I spoke with him, he was engaged in what I wanted and wanted to ensure that if we worked together that I would get quality out of it. He exceeded expectations and did it in a very timely manner. I plan on working with him the next time Im ready to release more music. - Derrick Lewis

Gene's high level skills and attention to details makes him a gem. I felt like I had struck gold working with him on my first two albums. His extraordinary communication and drive for excellence in all that he does, really makes my music shine. I'm looking forward to our next project in 2021. - Glenda Benevides (songwriter, singer and social activist)

Mindspawn works incredibly fast but also somehow his masters are beautifully detailed. He's a great communicator too. I can't recommend him enough, he breathed a life into my track that is just perfect. - Parker Gandy

 Awesome job my man, sounds so good! The EP sounds great we're both beyond happy. Anyways, awesome stuff and thanks a ton. - The Fade '11

INCREDIBLE master. really took some good liberties and really did a fantastic job! - chronosmusic  

Incredible attention to detail and true knowledge of what works for an artist. In my 20+ years of making Hip Hop, Mindspawn is easily the best I've worked with. - Aztech from Hybrid Thoughts

I've been a professional in the music industry for over 20 years now and I can say with full confidence that Mindspawn is the REAL DEAL. His passion and intentionality let me know my project was in good hands. Not only did he elevate the music that I sent to him, but he was an absolute pleasure to communicate with from first contact to delivery! I now have a go-to mastering engineer and a new friend. Thank you! - Lauren Evans (a.k.a. Laurel Krown) 

Gene was amazing to work with on my latest project. His mastering brought my project to a whole new level of greatness that I never thought was possible! Gene was easy to work with when coming up with a plan to master the album, quick response/turnaround time, great quality, & amazing pricing. You will definitely be happy choosing him to work on your next project. - Mathias of CLOAQxDAGGER

Every opportunity to work with mindspawn is an absolute pleasure. Communication is stellar and there is a genuine desire for my projects to sound the absolute best that they can. I feel really good putting my confidence in Mindspawn/Gene for excellent results! - LK

Great dude, amazing work ethic, and really makes something you both can be completely proud of! - Nico T22

Cares about your project. Does sick work. - RA

This was such a great experience for me! Mindspawn was super fast with his responses and so transparent with his process! He asked me questions that helped him get a clear idea of what I wanted, and he 100 percent delivered exactly what I wanted. The turnaround was fast, but I could tell that a lot of care had been taken. I absolutely love the finished product, because he took the sound I already had, and realized it to its fullest potential. I would highly recommend working with Mindspawn, if you want a BOOM factor to your music and to have a great, polished master. I'll definitely be back! - Sad Ape

This was the second time I used Mindspawn's services and I will come back for each and every track I produce. He has got a perfect feeling for this and delivers great results. Couldn't be happier :-) - SE

What makes Mindspawn special is not just his expertise in mastering, but his incredible passion and attention to detail. First I was very sceptical, if I would find anyone who could even comprehend the track I created. Mindspawn has opened my eyes in this matter: Not only did he hear every single detail, he also brought it to perfection, while giving me full control over the endresult. Conclusion: This project went incredibly smooth. The Communication was spot on, he shared all his procedures and the reasoning with me and helped me define the endresult. The revisions came within 3-5h and overall I would say: I have found my mastering artist. - daimontrilogy 

Very quick and amazing work! Got my mix sounding perfect! - A. Chamberlin

As a professional musician, audio engineer, studio owner and producer, I always suffer with anxiety over the final part of any project…. Mastering. In my opinion mastering can, and will, make or break any song you have toiled over for days, weeks, even years, so it important that you trust your mastering engineer completely. In fact I dare say you need to be able to trust your mastering engineer more than you even trust yourself. I was lucky to have found Mindspawn Mastering. He will work WITH you not FOR you and has amassed years of knowledge and appreciation for the importance of mastering. He is my first stop for mastering and I cannot recommend him any more than to say “look no further.” - Gerry

The first master itself was very much the ideal version we had in our head, and a better version of the mix, with kind and experienced consideration of what the song was aspiring to be at each stage. We asked for some buttery tape warmth and this was done really tastefully. We tried a couple of revisions (some for things that should have been fixed in the mix in the first place) but ultimately went back to his first version. He always took time to address our concerns, opinions, or just chat, always informative and clear, and willing to listen for things pointed out and responding to each point in a manner that helped make decisions. It sounds better than we thought it could now. - M Songwaters 

This was a phenomenal experience on so many ways. He asked very good questions in advance trying to understand what I was thinking and feeling when I created the track. Additionally, he gave me confidence regarding my work and delivered the perfect result, very fast, with detailed explanations. A perfect experience! Highly recommended! - Eric Siebert

Pro for a reason. Brought my track to life. Pro mastering is worth the money if you want to go to the next level. - T. Granger

One of the Best Mastering Engineers I've ever worked with. He has the job. - RKC

Had a rush mix I wanted to have mastered, and the turnaround time was fast and the master was excellent! Really recommend Mindspawn's services. - HR