The Long Night Is Coming

Bunker Of Descent

It comes every solar cycle, when the cacophony of autumn fades to a dull din and the gray eats at your psyche like a ravenous wolf, tearing small bits from what you think you are, the fading light disappearing through the spaces of its blood covered teeth. The call, the summons, the need to delve into the Yin, embrace the dark and be consumed by it. A time to listen to the dwellers of the deep, those things that wear darkness like a comforting scent. Their speech takes me awhile to adjust to, you have to hear it without listening, the words pouring like a song from a rusty pail swirling with possibility.

So I push aside the heavy door to the other place, the Underworld, Diyu, Náströnd, Naraka, the Outer darkness, Mictlan, Duat, Erebus, so many names across so much time….

Fear is left on the plane of light, it has no place here. There is nothing to beseech, beg, cry to for mercy, or to pray to for salvation. This place simply can’t be bothered with human frailties like fear. What is here is so much more than fear, it is the depths of indifference, of the inconsequntialness of the self, the utter lack of every choice you have made, or ever will make, mattering…. The Tao Of Darkness, for the Dark does have a way, a place of just being, formless, blind, ignorant of everything including the self that has trodden the color of spaces to arrive here, nowhere.

Bruce Lee once said, “Simplicity is the key to brilliance.” By focusing on one objective, one goal, other aspects of your life improve, often without any noticeable effort, in an almost magical fashion. As the Long Night approaches, as the dark creeps in, as the ignorance of choice is revealed as neither truth nor deception, the goal is simple: to listen, to wait, to do without action, to be without form, to reveal all that is and is not, in harmony…. Once there is neither good nor bad, fear begins to be tamed, to be revealed as a choice. To be free of fear is to be guided by the moment, for fear only lives in the future, the anticipation of what might be, or what might not. If fear overcomes, all is lost. In a struggle to survive, fear convinces one to give in, to being devoured, to stop fighting, fleeing, or otherwise saving the self. It paralyzes action into inaction, voices into silence, hard work into a meaningless paycheck. Simply remove fear, face it, name it, call it out for what it is, and then fight back, shout loudly, protest, create, thrive…. for in fear there is no thriving, only an acquiescence to a deceptive belief, keeping one bound with invisible bounds stronger than an anchor chain of a star. Simply don’t engage fear, but be, that is the goal. Embrace all that is fearful, know it or un-know it, and walk in the darkness, into the unknown and the unknowable, and from this place, know thyself just a little bit better.

So, for now I descend, traversing the darkness in delight of all the possibilities, yet prostrate and humble before the immensity that my frail senses perceive. The fear that hovers at the edge, soon dissipates, impotent in the face of my simplicity, of my being, of my desire to look deep into the dark well of the self to find all the possibilities that teem in this place of the long night….

In the coming days, new thoughts will form, and form shall be given to that which is formless, only to dissolve back into the lake of plasma, to be reformed and rethought, again and again. And thus, new sounds are on the horizon, an ode to the long night, to the seeking within, to possibilities that do not avoid fear, they simply can’t be bothered with such frailties….

Your mileage may vary….

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