The Magick Of Sound

Sound is a language of magick, a means of communication that can reach beyond ethnic boundaries and common perception. The effect of sound can be physical, intellectual, soulful, and emotional. Though perhaps, sound cannot be defined by words that are unable to convey the depth and breadth of meaning one encounters while drifting across seas of aural ecstasy. Mindspawn seeks to sail these seas to new horizons, explore sonic depths, and attempts to communicate the variate tongues of the soul. As a listener of Mindspawn’s sound, you complete the cycle. The act of listening is a very personal experience, as personal as the creation of the sound. Listening is also the greatest compliment that one can pay an artist. Mindspawn strives to make the experience of listening worthwhile, meaningful, and a path to discover doorways that touch the flux of the netherworlds and the lands of mystics.

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