The Thornburg Sessions

New video, the Thornburg Sessions, featuring the artwork of Scott Thornburg.

Scott is an intense artist with a load of talent, both in the visual world and the audio world. His evocative art is great for twisting the mind to different perspectives.

This video is a prelude to a future art showing that I’m hoping to collaborate on with Scott. For now, indulge, enjoy, and feast on Scott’s art!

Also available on Mindspawn’s Youtube channel.


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  1. Hi, Just watched the video. The artwork is great. It give me a view inside a place that is desolate or dark and twisted. My favorite is the man on the electrical wires. Love the audio with it as well because it made the imagery more intense. The changing from image to image feels scary and reminds me very much of something that could be an the American Horror Story. I really liked it. I would just suggest a person that has seizures not to view it due to the rapid flashing of lights. Other than that very cool and bizarre. Def will check out more when I have more time to watch them! BRAVO!

    1. Hey truly thanks so much for checking it out, Donna, really appreciate it and super appreciate you taking the time to comment!

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