Darkness Weaves

Darkness Weaves 

In realms beyond the Light, 
Past the blackest pit of Absolution, 
The Dark Ones gather in madness, 
And between Them, Darkness weaves. 

No shade of sin can be so many hued, 
As the Darkness of the Deep, 
Forever shrouded in shifting lightless space, 
Beyond the places where Darkness weaves. 

There are no features, there are no facades of order, 
All is the same and not, 
An Orbis for the Blind Seeker, 
Who journeys where Darkness weaves. 

All along the path in colourless envy they stride, 
All arrayed in multi-hued costumes, 
Spun by the churning of the Mad God, 
Who with Darkness weaves…. 

– the mad poet horstung 

– inspired by and adapted from a poem and the fantastic story of the same name by Karl Edward Wagner