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Custom, bespoke mastering tailored to your music.

You want your music to realize its fullest potential. That's what I'm here to help you do. Audio engineering, and specifically mastering, is my purpose. 

I listen. I provide the final quality assurance before your music goes public. I am the intersection of you, your art, your audience and the marketplace. 

Through the majority of my life I've also been an artist and music producer, I know the artist side of things intimately. My direct experience as an artist can be immensely helpful in the communication process. It's very likely I've been right where you are now.

I can provide you with a list of gear I use, but honestly, it's not about my gear, it's about my experience and my respect for your art and you as an artist. Gear respects nothing, it is a means to an end. With that said...

My studio is equipped with the latest in cutting edge mastering technology that includes hardware and software from Apogee, Audeze, Avalon, BetterMaker, Beyerdynamic, Chandler Limited, Dangerous Music, Genelec, Kii, Matthew Lane, Neve, Neumann, Schiit Audio, SSL, Weiss, Acustica Audio, FabFilter, DMG, Newfangled Audio, A.O.M., Izotope and many more along with custom built amps and preamps. 

I am completely transparent about what I do, I will happily explain every step I take and why. There's no voodoo or secret sauce aside from years of experience helping artists realize their vision... and good ears.... and maybe just a little secret sauce.

I offer audio mastering and restoration services. Please contact me (use the form at the bottom of the page) for specifics.  


Amazed by how fast he got the job done. Responds very fast, and understands the artist. Most impressive! - Euterpe World Music

Gene was amazing to work with on my latest project. His mastering brought my project to a whole new level of greatness that I never thought was possible! - Mathias of CLOAQxDAGGER 

I've been a professional in the music industry for over 20 years now and I can say with full confidence that Mindspawn is the REAL DEAL. His passion and intentionality let me know my project was in good hands. Not only did he elevate the music that I sent to him, but he was an absolute pleasure to communicate with from first contact to delivery! - Lauren Evans (a.k.a. Laurel Krown) 

Incredible attention to detail and true knowledge of what works for an artist. In my 20+ years of making Hip Hop, Mindspawn is easily the best I've worked with. - Aztech from Hybrid Thoughts 

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Bespoke Music Mastering

Gene Williams - Mastering Engineer at Mindspawn Music and Mastering

What is Mastering?  

Mastering is the final piece of the chain in the creative process. It's also science. It involves critical listening and making necessary edits and adjustments to fine tune balance, EQ, make corrections, and insure your music reaches is fullest potential.   

Mastering is like the final sanding and polish on a piece of furniture, or adding the cream sauce and arranging the garnish on the plate of a perfectly cooked meal, it's that last five to ten percent that makes a single, EP, or album shine at its best.   


How Much Does It Cost?  

Probably less than you think.  I've been mastering music and audio for over twenty years at least in part because my services are priced at reasonable rates. The core of my business is independent music, and by keeping my rates reasonable I get a lot of repeat business. 

Go to my contact form below to get in touch and get a quote for your single, EP, album, or whatever you might need! 


Tips to Prepare Your Mix for Mastering: 

Be honest and transparent. You may have tried to master the project yourself, or had someone else do it and you weren't completely pleased with the result, that's completely cool and let me know! I want to make it the best it can be for you, and open transparency is the best way to achieve that.  

When mixing, try to reference your mixes against familiar source material of your favorite professionally released music that's in a similar style.  

Take your time! Make sure your mixes are the way you want them in terms of overall balance, sound, etc. Mastering can occasionally vastly improve a mix, but it cannot fix a poor mix or lame performance.  

Apply minimal or no compression to your two track mixes. That said, feel is a far more important factor than following any technical rule. If you're using a compressor on your master buss and taking it off causes the mix to lose its balance or feel, leave it on. Send me your mix the way it sounds best to you. You can also send me both your compressed or limited mix and an uncompressed or unlimited mix, and I can use your compressed or limited version as my reference. Having both versions of the mix allows for options that wouldn't be available if I am working solely with the compressed or limited mix. 

Check the levels on the files you send. On your DAW that means, at minimum, just under digital zero. That means stay below zero as some DAWs and recorders have built in digital limiting that kicks in when you hit zero, and you should definitely avoid that. There's absolutely nothing wrong with having your true peak at -3db below 0db, or even lower, but you definitely don't want to be at or above 0db on any file you send. 

Feel free to send reference tracks. Send any reference tracks when you send your files, especially ones that you like and that you feel your music can or should sound similar to. Good references can help me better understand what you want from the mastering process. 

I really encourage you to ask questions. Don’t be intimidated by the process. I am always happy to explain the process and show you what I am doing or what I have done in the mastering process. 


What is Apple Digital Masters (formerly MFiT - Mastered for iTunes)? 

Mindspawn Music and Mastering  is Apple Digital Masters certified. 

I am proud to be one of a handful of mastering engineers approved by Apple to offer the Apple Digital Masters (formerly MFiT - Mastered for iTunes) mastering service. With Apple Digital Masters, Apple has improved the quality of streaming and downloads. As formats change and available bandwidth increases, Apple may offer even higher resolution, better sounding streams and downloads. The Apple Digital Masters program insures your music is ready for current and future standards at the highest level possible. 

If you want to have your mixes tailor mastered for inclusion in the Apple Digital Masters program, please contact me and I can help you get the ADM badge for your releases through Apple.  


What Formats should you send?  

Please send .wav or .aiff stereo interleaved or dual mono files. You can send to me with a file service like WeTransfer, DropBox, Google Drive, etc.   

Digital files should remain at the same sample rate they were recorded at. If you're working on your mix at 44.1KHz, send the files at 44.1KHz. If you're mixing at 96k, send your mixes to me at 96k, and so on. 

Bit depth should be 24, 32 or 64 bit if possible. I can  work with 16 bit files, too, but I strongly recommend sending at least 24 or 32 bit files. 

Do not send MP3s.... Seriously. If an MP3 is all you have, then contact me to discuss the limitations of what can be done. 

Please do not dither or convert the sample rate of your files before sending them. Keep your files at the same resolution as the mixes.   


Use my Mastering Contact Form below to inquire about any of the above services.   



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Gene Williams - Mindspawn Music and Mastering

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